Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Outside View

This is our clinic from the parking area.

Entry way

Entry way front door. Leads directly to reception area.

Reception area

This is the reception area which also has pet supplies and food items.

Waiting area

This center area is right if front of the exam rooms.

Examination room

This room is used for examinations of all pets upon entry into the hospital.


We have an in house laboratory with ability to run a variety of in house tests including chemistry profiles and CBC's.


We have a full line pharmacy. If we do not stock a medication that you need, we can order it or write a prescription.

Treatment area

This area is where we do minor procedures and treatments. The cages in the back are used for intensive care. Sick animals can be monitored constantly.


This is a view of our X-ray machine and or processing room.

Surgery Room

This is a view of our surgery suite. We offer a full range of surgery including orthopedic surgery and endoscopy. All surgical patients are closely monitored with a variety of equipment.


Our groomer Stacey offers in house grooming on an appointment basis.

Cat parlor

We have a separate room from the dogs for our feline friends.